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Being on Hurricanes I have Learnt how to.....

Dance, be a flyer, back spot and base. I have also learnt how to do the splits by the best coaches;


Bond with people my own age group and dance better with timing, etc;


Dance, have fun and spend time with a loving group;

Dance, cheer, tumble, learn how to use poms and loads of fun skills;

Cheer properly, do a high ‘V’ and lots, lots more;

Be a better cheerleader ;


Dance, cheer, stunt, do the splits and front walkovers, use poms, tumble and be close to a back handspring;

Cheer is amazing and I love the people I've met as we have become close;

Dance, be a flyer, be a base, be a back, be a cheerleader, do a flick and how to communicate better with each other!;

Use our skills in stunting and dance - this makes a difference as the timing in motions and dance is now improving for everyone;

Dance, use pom-poms, do the splits, cheer, stunt and tumble;

Bond with my age group, dance, do stunts and to work better as a team;


Dance, cheer, stunt and make loads of new friends - I like my team mates and coaches and I love MK Elite;

How to dance


By Being at MK Elite I have learnt.....

How to do a full twist, how to fly and good teamwork;

Better flying ability, sense of humour, good tumbling skills;

How to throw someone in the air and also to believe in myself;

How to base stunts;

How to punch front ;

To become more confident, hench & flexible;


To perfect my jumps and to dance during transitioning;


How to flick, tuck, round off flick tuck, stunt well, work together;

Lots of new stunts;

To tumble here and how to do different stunts;



I am a Cheerleader at MK Elite because.....

The coaches are fab and the people here are wonderful;

The coaches are amazing and I love MK Elite;

I love the team and coaches;


The coaches are really nice;

My friend told me about it and said it was amazing and she was right. The coaches are nice;

I love cheerleading, my team is amazing and I learn so much;

I love the gym and the people there including the coaches - I have been cheering for around five years and still love it ;

 I love the coaches and I also love being a cheerleader;

They have good coaches, I have a great time and it's good fun;

The coaches are friendly, kind and qualified;

I love cheerleading and the coaches teach me alot of good things - that is why I am a cheerleader at MK Eilte and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else;

I love my coaches.  I have figured out how much I love cheer since I started. I love being part of the family of MK Elite.


We Like being in MK Elite because.....

We are great team mates;

Of the people, coaches and atmosphere;

It's fun and you meet new people;


I love the atmosphere in the group and how everyone is lovely;

We meet new people;

It keeps me fit and I like the coaches;

Learning to tumble;

I love getting to do the stretching;

How friendly everyone is;

It's like a family;