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MK Elite Mission

MK Elite Cheerleading squad is dedicated to providing inspiration, growth and development of all students.

We will provide a safe environment that empowers staff, students and parents to excel in a rapidly changing cheer world.

MK Elite will accomplish this by encouraging positive attitudes, work ethic, discipline, healthy lifestyles and perseverance.

In addition we emphasise teamwork which enables students to develop their leadership skills and physical abilities. 

At MK Elite, we believe that in developing these traits, our students will not only be successful in cheerleading, but successful in life!


Whirlwinds - Aprille Hunt-Bass and Molly Simpson

Raindrops - Molly Simpson

Hurricanes - Molly Simpson and Aprille Hunt-Bass

Wildfire - Molly Simpson

Blizzards - Aprille Hunt-Bass and Molly Simpson

Cyclones - Aprile Hunt-Bass and Molly Simpson

Lightning - Molly Simpson